Luton transit van - with 500kg tail lift

ideal for

Luton vans are the large vans that have a chassis with a 'box' on. 'Luton' refers to the style of the box. The box is normally about 3.7m long, 2m wide and 2m high, giving a load area of 15m, or nearly a third more than a long wheel base van. The extra width achieved is also very useful, particularly if you are transporting a large item. The allowed weight is about 1500kg, about the same as a LWB van. Because the box is on a chassis, the load floor is quite a bit higher than a normal van

XLWB Luton Transit

Load Length: 4.26 M Width 1.85 M Height 1.93 M

External Length: 6.9 M Width 2.08M Height 3.2 M

Will accommodate: 6 x Euro Pallets

Ideal for: Larger house moves or furniture removals where it’s important that the job is done in one move. We have these specially built to be larger than the regular box vans, so that if you do need the extra load space but don’t want to resort to using a 7.5 ton vehicle-this is perfect.

Internal dimensions :

  • Load Length

    3.7 - 4.0M

    • Load Width


      • Load Height


        • Payload


      • Tail Lift


    • Load Volume


  • Passenger seats

    17.6 cu. m
    608 cub. ft